Hi 👋 I'm Zaruq, business Workflow and Programmer and hobby Music Producer based in Granada.

I like to build things, solve problems, and hike mountains.
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About me

My name is Zaruq and since I was a child, I was very curious. I have over twenty years of professional experience in privileged assistant positions for growing small companies, that hit the top of the market in shot times.
Eventually, I set up my own tourism business, since then I have been learning and developing my own administration tools, and nowadays I can program whole work process models, per departments, for any business ... I find this very exciting and entertaining, I love solving problems in the simplest way possible, which frequently involves simplifying and generalising complex specific market or business models.
Since 2012 I have been focusing on lead captivation, data analysis and transformation, custom business logic and calculation, email and communication processes, marketing campaigns and other administrative task automation, through Google Apps Script for Google Workspaces mostly. Nowadays I am mostly programming tools that trigger in an autonomous manner, and are complimentary to the human resources in any business department, or small organization structure.
I guess I have already started my journey as a programmer, without realising I am well onto programming my own web app with quite complex travel planning features merging users, professional sectors, web api resources and tools necessary to plan and execute any trip plan in Spain, and confirm all of the bookings for it in a number of ways.
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Build your digital assets, like its a lego.
Build your digital assets, like its a lego.
« If a plan doesn't work, change the plan, but never the goal » Stan H.

What I do

Product Management
I mix tech, design, and business to manage products and solve user problems. From discovery to delivery, I try my best to deliver the product clients need.
I like to launch small MVPs with few or no tech to test an idea and iterate. It's easy to know why a product didn't succeed. It's way more difficult to know why it worked.
I like to build all types of things with my hands, from cross-platform mobile applications to web applications.
My knowledge of how the brain works help me understand what drives users. This way I can create products with a good user experience.

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I made a shop to ease the process of bookings and billing, so that I can focus on my actual product. Here it is, if you need help or custom tools to manage your own Shopify shop, I’m uf for helping you also with that 🎸.

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