Lead generation and management method.
Soluciones 3.0/Lead generation and management method.

Lead generation and management method.

Stage#1 State your story, build a fast website with clear call to action

I can help you analyse and optimise your own story and value proposition or service. Answer the key questions: Who are you? What is your insight into a problem? how you reached that insight? how you solve the problem? why you consider this an improvement over other options.
Once we are there this will become your story, I can help you target a bilingual English/Spanish market, and narrow down your ideal customer. I can help you, or work with a designer towards creating your your branding graphics, logo, and an image base. I can then provide you with a fast and clear website which you can update on demand on your own, from a computer or on a smartphone.

Only you know what problem you are best at solving and are clear on how you want to deliver it, it it time to get a fast website up, which is easy for you to update.

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Stage#2 Curate and create content marketing for your brand

Expand your business and reach your target audience through email and content marketing!


Stage#3 Update, generate, custom email list campaigns/updates

Expand your business and reach your target audience through email and content marketing!

With i-Granada’s custom email story scheduler, you can have any email story or content marketing delivered one chapter at a time on a weekly basis. Create leads and one-to-one meetings from your email list! on auto-pilot. All you will need to do is write, review or edit the emails to send, each as a simple document.

Stage#4 Automate quotation and cloud folder structure for any new leads.

Stay ahead of your client’s expectations with a prompt custom quotation, document or folder!

This is quite a fancy third step, which requires certainty and clarity around your pricing system and revenue generation strategy, this is the hard part. Hard coding a script to build custom quotations per new leads, sending them by email, with an attached pdf, while creating a new human readable reference code, folder, and placing all relevant or necessary documents, sheets, information or files needed to deliver a service into the folder, is actually very easy! Well actually I would only need to clone, adapt and customise my own Javascript, Spreadsheets and Docs, that I have been using for nearly ten years for my online tour operating travel agency, to your own brand, product and pricing models.
How this can help you?!
This automation proves very useful if not crutial in saving you from burning out spending hours of preparation for each individual or random service request you get, and to focus on each different client and their needs. Your solution already adapting to the user’s original form choices, and having the initial stage covered, will allow you to be fully focused on solving the clients need, beyond your fist offer, which has already been sent and filed. You can now either simply wait for a response, and focus on those who are responding positively, or take a deeper look at the offer, and contact your new client with a better solution, improved manual work around your product or service, or simply just touch base with them over the phone, and be fully in control of the situation, instead of using up all of your weekly working hours in covering this first round of enquiries, by users who have not yet qualified as your product or service’s best match. It is ok to be a bit selfish about your service, after all, you need to distinguish yourself, you can’t make everybody happy so it is good to have a chance to filter our clear mismatches, and this is done automatically at this stage. Don’t worry, focus on the bright side, those who do respond, or you continue with towards conversion, will be qualified leads that approve your pricing scheme and value your service enough to persist in their request, and are much more likely of confirming any service. You will not need to waste any time on those who will not respond after a full offer quotation is sent to them, so can focus on those who do like your quotes, and on improving your service and pricing models.

Stage#5 Focus on your self, your service and your client.

Keep a healthy balance of work, rest and social life for you to be best fit for service.

In that order, it is a necessary sacrifice, you can’t keep everybody happy, but need to be well and happy yourself towards doing anything anyway, so don’t kill yourself. Investing in the steps above already grants you a good standard of service support. Do your best to improve and keep your service updated to changing times, but above all, work around a practical and healthy work agenda, take time for your self and to be social, and leave the rest to trusting on your achieved goals, and the nature of market demand. Patience is also a good ingredient for any project , new service offer or start-up, as well as an arsenal of resilience.

Marketing digital, formularios y automatización de emails o presupuestos, a tu medida o la de tu equipo.

En Zaruq.me, ofrezco herramientas de administración personalizadas para mejorar el rendimiento de tu negocio. A menudo, aprender programación básica puede llevarte meses o incluso años, y contratar a un programador puede ser costoso. Es por eso que he creado una solución asequible para ayudarte a obtener las herramientas de administración que necesitas.
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Mi objetivo es ayudarte a mejorar el rendimiento de tu negocio sin tener que pasar por la curva de aprendizaje de la programación o pagar por costosos programadores. En resumen, en Zaruq.me, ofrezco soluciones personalizadas a precios accesibles y con una variedad de opciones de entrega para adaptarse a tus necesidades. ¡Estoy aquí para ayudarte!

Step #1

The story behind a landing page.

Step #2

Content curation, lead generation.

Benefit #3

Process automation.

¿Qué necesitas promocionar?

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¿Por qué te beneficia a ti?

Small sentences.

Presencia online interactiva #1

Te instalaré una web, mejoraré o clonaré la que tengas, para reflejar tu historia de forma concisa, e invitar a tomar una acción concreta de forma clara.

Marketing 4x4 contenido vs email #2

Explain a feature and how it addresses this pain point.

Formularios y automatización de email, oferta pdf y carpeta de cliente #3

Explain a feature and how it addresses this pain point.
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Esta base puede ser útil para todo tipo de usuarios: autónomos o pequeños empresarios, equipos y departamentos, profesores y alumnado, asesores o especialistas online, touroperadores y agencias de viaje, y más.

Here, we’ll give a little description about the value proposition stated above, highlighting a couple of key outcomes the customer can expect.
Here, we’ll give a little description about the value proposition stated above, highlighting a couple of key outcomes the customer can expect.

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