3.0 Solutions/Getting Started

Getting Started

Follow the steps below to use this template and build your website.


Duplicate this Notion template

  1. Click the below link and duplicate the template to your workspace.

To Publish

  1. Get public shareable URL from your notion template that you just duplicated.
  1. Copy paste this url inside bullet.so dashboard and create your website.

Apply custom designs to this template

a) Copy the below code and paste it inside “Code” > “Head” tab for your site.
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://templates.bullet.so/Folio/styles.css"/>

Add a navbar and footer

a) From Bullet’s dashboard, add a navbar
i) Customize the navbar with logo, links etc.
b) From Bullet’s dashboard, add a footer section
i) Customize the footer with links, special icons etc.